Question What is the Lemonade Diet?
  Answer The Lemonade Diet is a whole body cleanse modeled after the well-known Master Cleanse Diet. The Lemonade Diet gives you all the same results in a simple, easy to use powder or capsule.


  Question What does the Lemonade formula consist of?
  Answer Lemon, Kelp, Chickweed, Burdock Root, Maple Syrup, Cayenne Pepper, Papaya Leaf, and Stevia.


  Question What are the benefits of the Lemonade formula?
  Answer The Lemonade Diet formula promotes weight loss through a whole body cleanse, as well as promoting a healthier body through the use of natural ingredients.


  Question What does Lemonade Diet do in the body?
  Answer First, your body will go through a cleanse, which detoxifies your body. This is the first step in promoting great weight loss. After the body is cleansed, reducing your intake to 800 calories a day is going to promote weight loss. Our all natural ingredients are essential to ensuring that your body stays cleansed and primed for your weight loss.


  Question What are the health benefits of doing this diet?
  Answer Besides losing weight, customers have reported sleeping better, having more energy, feeling less anxiety, noticeably softer skin, improved body function, and feeling more confident and motivated to continue on the diet because of the fast results.


  Question Is this diet hard?
  Answer This diet is very simple to follow. The most difficult component is initially obeying the reduced calorie intake. Once you see how quickly you lose weight however, it is extremely easy to stay motivated. Moreover, Lemonade Diet is designed as a cleanse and detoxifier. The end result is that you have more energy and feel unbelievably revitalized.


  Question What are the ingredients?

Lemon: Lemon is a powerful antibacterial agent. It has been proven that many harmful bacteria are destroyed when introduced to lemon juice.

Kelp: Used to balance and feed the thyroid, which assists in weight loss.

Chickweed: Used as an appetite suppressant, it also eliminates excess water and bloating.

Maple Syrup: Maple syrup is traditionally a part of the Master Cleanse and Lemonade Diet because it provides essential energy to the blood through natural sugars. To keep the Lemonade Diet formula extremely low in sugar, we use the natural, plant derived sweetener Stevia, which still provides enough calories with no loss in flavor.

Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne Pepper is the powerhouse in the diet. Cayenne is a detoxifier, stimulant, appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and is great for circulation and heart health. Cayenne promotes a healthy circulatory system by supporting cell structure and elasticity of the arteries, veins and capillaries. It also allows the body to regulate blood pressure more efficiently and rebuild tissue. The benefits and uses of cayenne pepper are numerous and it plays an essential role in cleansing and weight loss. Cayenne does not need to be taken in large quantities. The Lemonade Diet offers the perfect amount of cayenne to provide these amazing benefits.

Papaya Leaf: An appetite suppressant which also burns fat. It is also known to speed metabolism.

Stevia: As a sweetener and natural sugar substitute, stevia’s taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar. However, because of it’s potency, it is possible to use much less stevia and to reach the same amounts of sweetness found in large quantities of sugar.


  Question What does 2-1-2-1-2 mean?
  Answer This is the daily regimen followed while on the diet. The “2” represents a 200 calorie meal, and the “1” represents a 100 calorie snack.


  Question Is it safe to exercise while on the Lemonade Diet?
  Answer You will be consuming fewer calories than normal and aggressive exercise routines are discouraged. However, low impact exercises like walking on a treadmill or swimming are still great activities while on the Lemonade Diet.


  Question When do I take the Lemonade Drink?

Powder: Mix 1 scoop with a 16oz glass of water with each 100 calorie snack.

Note- During the hydration days take Lemonade Diet Formula as normal.


  Question What does the Lemonade Diet mix taste like?
  Answer The Lemonade Diet drink taste like lemonade with a slight kick of cayenne pepper.


  Question What kind of support can I expect?
  Answer We offer support and encouragement for our customers via phone, Facebook and email. Most of our customers who follow the diet strictly lose weight. We can’t guarantee how much a person will lose. Everybody is different and every person adheres to the diet differently.